Complete Lawn & Landscaping Services
6707 Holly Dr. West Olive MI 49460
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Founded in 2007 by Connor Millar as a local lawn mowing operation, CLS has quickly grown into a full-service design, maintenance and installation firm. In 2011 CLS acquired Nick’s Lawn Care adding significantly to our maintenance division.

We are committed to evaluating and implementing new methodologies, technologies and processes to deliver our customers the highest levels of quality and service while working to maintain a green future.

Our team is constantly continuing our education to help improve our performance. Connor attended Michigan State University’s Landscape Management program, and we have earned several state and local certifications. It is important to CLS that we are always working to gain new knowledge through new certifications and we have also teamed up with the Michigan Nursery and Landscaping Association and have been awarded the Macatawa Watershed Seal of Approval.


The goal of CLS is to deliver superior, quality service. We are committed to utilizing the best technologies and to always continuing our education so that we are able to anticipate and adapt to the industry and environment to achieve the best end results for our customers.

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